Event Calender
Date From To
Event DateActApplicable FormObligation
06/10/2016Service TaxChallan No.GAR-7E-payment of Service Tax for month ending Oct for Cos & quarter ending Oct for others.
07/10/2016Income TaxForm No.27C (TCS)Submission of Forms received in Sep to IT Commissioner
07/10/2016Income TaxChallan No.ITNS-281Payment of TDS/TCS deducted/collected in Sep
10/10/2016ExciseER-1Return for Non SSI assessees for Sep
10/10/2016ExciseER-2Return for EOUs for Sep
10/10/2016ExciseER-3Submission of return by SSI units for Sep quarter
10/10/2016ExciseER-6Return by units paying duty > 1 crore (CENVAT + PLA) for Sep
12/10/2016D-VATBE-2Advance information for 2nd fortnight of Oct of functions with booking cost > Rs 1 lakh in Banquet Halls,hotels etc. in Delhi
15/10/2016D-VATDVAT-20Payment of DVAT TDS for Sept
15/10/2016Income TaxForm 27EQTCS Returns by ALL Deductors.
15/10/2016Providend FundElectronic Challan cum Return (ECR)E-Payment of PF for Sep
15/10/2016Income TaxForm 16BIssue of TDS certificate in case of payment /credit made in Aug for purchase of property u/s 194IA.
15/10/2016Income TaxForm No.15CCStatement by Banks etc. in respect of foreign remittances during the quarter
17/10/2016Income TaxForm 3CD, 3CA/3CB.E-filing Tax Audit Report
17/10/2016Income TaxForm No. ITR- 3,4Filing of I.T. Returns by Individuals ,HUFs (Audit applicable)
17/10/2016Income TaxForm No ITR-5Filing of I.T. Return by Firms,AOPs, BOIs (Audit applicable)
17/10/2016Income TaxForm No ITR-6Filing of I.T. Returns by Companies
17/10/2016Income TaxForm No ITR-7Filing of I.T. Return for Trusts, Political party etc. (Audit applicable)
21/10/2016ESIESI ChallanPayment of ESI of Sep
21/10/2016M-VATMVAT ChallanPayment of MVAT & WCT TDS for Sep
21/10/2016D-VATDVAT-20 & CentralE-Payment of DVAT & CST Tax for month ended Sep
21/10/2016M-VATForm 231-235 & CST 1Submission of MVAT return for month/quarter/half year ended Sep.
22/10/2016D-VATDVAT - 43Issue of DVAT Certificate for deduction made in Sept
25/10/2016D-VATForm 16 and CST 1E- Return of DVAT for the quarter ended Sep
25/10/2016Service TaxReturn No.ST-3Filing of Half Yearly Service Tax return. (April to September)
27/10/2016D-VATBE-2Advance information for 1st fortnight of Nov of functions with booking cost > Rs 1 lakh in Banquet Halls,hotels etc. in Delhi
28/10/2016D-VATDVAT - 56Filing of DVAT Return Verification Form for quarter ended Sep where return not signed with digital signature.
28/10/2016D-VATDVAT-48Return of TDS for Sep quarter in DVAT-48
28/10/2016D-VATBank-1Return by Scheduled Bank branches in Delhi engaged in sale of silver, gold, repossessed vehicles for quarter ending Sep
30/10/2016Companies ActForm no AOC-4 XBRLBalance Sheet in XBRL format
30/10/2016Companies ActForm no AOC-4 Non-xbrlBalance Sheet in Non XBRL format
30/10/2016Income TaxForm 27DIssue of QuarterlyTCS Certificates by ALL Collectors
30/10/2016Income TaxForm No.26QBPayment of TDS for Purchase of Property for Sep
31/10/2016Income TaxReturn No.24Q, 26Q, & 27QTDS returns for Sep Quarter by All deductors
31/10/2016Income TaxForm 61E-filing of information of declarations in Form 60 received upto 30th Sep.
31/10/2016Maharastra Profession TaxMTR-6/Form IIIBPayment & Monthly Return of Maharastra PT (Annual Liability 50000 or more)
31/10/2016Income TaxForm No.15G/HE-filing of form 15G/H in respect of the period 01.10.2015 to 31.03.2016
31/10/2016Income TaxForm No.15G/HE-filing of form 15G/H for June Quarter