Internal Audits and Management Assurance

Internal audits & management assurance

If you feel that your internal auditors are bent on tearing apart your processes and embarrass your people who do the ‘real work’ or if you see them as a lot who continue to ‘pierce the wounded after the battle is over’ or if you see them serving as distractions for your management from their important responsibilities, then it is time to find real solutions for your business requirements.


Our focus is driven by a desire to provide customized solutions for your risk and assurance function, while covering one or a combination of the following:

Supporting your internal audit function in development of the internal audit strategy:

  • Preparation of a risk-driven internal audit charter;
  • Preparation of test scripts;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal audits;
  • Assessment of the capabilities of your internal audit function;
  • Provision of support for your audit committee presentations;
  • Grading your internal audit observations for their risks and business impact;
  • Undertaking root cause assessments to ascertain the precise deficiencies, while providing practical suggestions for improvements; &
  • Provision to the management and audit committees with assurance over specific areas of concern.