Lead Advisory

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Do your advisors possess the requisite knowhow that translates into the understanding that businesses are not just brick and mortar edifices built on a whim and in a day?Soni Chatrath & Co. with its extensive experience understands the key elements that go into creating long sustaining and successful businesses through hard negotiations and bargaining.

Our lead advisory service offerings are:

  • Solutions to legal and tax issue involving cross-border acquisitions;
  • Creating as well as following viable business models and ideologies;
  • An approach, with emphasis on the core assets and strategies especially during the initial stages of the deal;
  • Negotiation through ironing out the differences and talking specifics;
  • Minimizing risks that can disrupt businesses;
  • Detailing the projected growth, management of timelines and future projects;
  • Patience and persuasiveness to clinch a successful deal; &
  • Attentiveness to detail.