Direct Tax


Tax advisory

If you are bogged down by the intricacies of taxation within and across geographical boundaries and you want to engage a firm to provide you with exemplary representation in these domains, then KNAV is your ideal destination. Read more

accounting advisory

Compliance & outsourcing(including payroll, accounting & secretarial)

Do you have nightmares pondering over the legal intricacies of complex statutes?

KNAV is tuned into today’s highly complex economic and regulatory environment so as to take you through the maze of regulations, seamlessly. Read more

enterprise wide risk management

Transfer pricing

Are you finding the task of setting transfer prices for intercompany transactions increasingly complex and fraught with risk? Read more

inbound and outbound

Inbound & Outbound

Are your tax advisors familiar with managing the multidisciplinary subtleties and intricacies of cross border taxation or do they leave you exposed to global tax risks and litigation that will bleed your business dry?Read more