Valuations and Business modelling

A strategic review and planning of your financial position can greatly increase efficiencies. Grow your business through strategic management decisions and precise execution

Soni Chatrath can help dynamic businesses navigate through the complexities of the fair value landscape, and provide a full range of capabilities to satisfy your fair valuation needs. We value businesses and intellectual property in a wide range of industries for financial reporting purposes.

As Global accounting standards continue to evolve, our understanding of these changes and guidance on best practices instil confidence in our clients, allowing them to remain focussed on the transaction at hand.

Our Service offerings include :

  • ASC 805/ASC 820/IndAS 103/Ind AS 113/IFRS 3R/IFRS 13 – Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) for business combinations and transaction accounting.
  • ASC 718/IndAS 102/IFRS 2 – Valuation of equity based compensation/ESOP’s.
  • Valuation of performance-based stock options and restricted stock awards.
  • ASC 350/ASC 360/Ind AS 36/IAS 36/AS 28 – Goodwill and other intangible asset impairment review.
  • IFRS 9/IndAS 109/IAS 39/ASC 825 – Valuation of financial instruments like derivatives, structured products, foreign currency convertible bonds etc. for financial reporting.
  • Valuation of intellectual property like trademarks, technology, patents, databases, domain names, websites, brands, software etc. for financial reporting and strategic decision making process.
  • Valuation for litigations and dispute settlement.
  • Real estate valuation – The Real Estate Valuation arm of Indé Global specializes in comprehensive valuation and consulting services for lenders, investors, and real estate owners. We provide commercial real estate appraisal, evaluation, and feasibility study reports.